Zetar is a dating platform that focuses on live video authentication. Here you can quickly get to know the opposite sex nearby, and meet for offline parties such as eating, singing, sports, watching movies, etc.

[real time distance – people nearby]

No matter the distance is far or near, as long as you want to see, you can see, as long as you want to make an appointment, you can make an appointment

[radio – enrich social programs]

Release the radio of watching movies, eating, drinking, playing games, sports, tourism and other programs, clear, direct and efficient, turn on the radio to see who is more lonely

[goddess certification – portrait art]

Video authentication + manual audit to ensure the authenticity and reliability of users, goddess HD Photo, sweet and charming

[privacy protection]

After reading it, burn it. Apply for the check function, which can guarantee your privacy as much as possible. If you want to chat, just chat

Come to download and choose TA experience, about, it’s so simple!

If you have any suggestions, please contact us

Customer service email: support@zetarapp.com

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By MeeLin Chan

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