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Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage

Roman Burov

Genre: Photo & Video

Release Date: April 1, 2022

Every single day we handle lots of data and lack time to get our device system up and running, delete duplicate photos and contacts, clear up app cache, and delete unnecessary screenshots. The device storage is almost full, space usage is critically high, and the battery life is only half a day. You decide to clear up the space manually only when your device can hardly respond to your commands. You actually have no time or desire to flush the cache, choose duplicate pictures yourself, and so on. Does it sound familiar?
We offer you an assistant to solve your storage problem and make your gadget clean-up process as simple as possible.
Cleaner for iPhone frees up space on iPhone. It detects junk files automatically for you with one tap. Stay assured — your favorite apps and an interesting book that you’ve been putting off for a long time will not disappear from your device. Cleaner for iPhone deletes nothing without your knowledge but just analyzes, highlights duplicates and unused apps, runs automatic optimization, arranges into folders, and waits for your verdict!
It also monitors the operation of your device
Cleaner for iPhone collects data on space occupied by your cache, trash, and duplicate files. Informs you of junk files and suggests smart clean-up.

Gets rid of duplicates
Detects duplicate photos/screenshots and photo series.

Clears up your contacts
Frees your contact list from ‘empty contacts’ that have neither phone number nor any other data.

Zips media files
Compresses photos and videos without losing their quality and resolution.

Optimizes app performance
Timely clearing of the cache will save you from messenger freezing and delayed notifications.

Secures personal data
You can hide personal data by moving it to the ‘Safe Vault’. The app creates a password-protected secure space.

Cleaner for iPhone completely destroys deleted files ensuring no data leaks away. 

Cleaner for iPhone smartly selects, organizes, and analyzes processes on your device to offload the CPU, speed it up, and release you from unnecessary time-consuming actions.
You can either use default settings or change them, for example, to make the app analyze images only!

– Three days for FREE
Full access to all features so you see how it works!

– Weekly subscription (3.99$ per week)

– Annual subscription (59$ per year)
Annual subscription is the most cost-efficient option since you save 90%.


Cleaner for iPhone subscription renews automatically on the day following the billing date.
After three days of trial, you get a weekly subscription automatically. Your iTunes account will be debited with the payment after purchase confirmation.
The unused part of the free three-day trial is canceled when a user buys the subscription.
If needed, you can disable automatic subscription renewal in user account settings.


Any questions? Contact us via (email address). We appreciate your opinion and feedback!

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